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Lurpak makes food fun again

Be Wonderful and Wise – LurpakĀ® Lightest Spreadable


One of my coworkers shared this spot with me and I found it so inspiring. Not only will the narrating theme song catch you off guard but it will stick in your head for a long while. Just a warning. I think this is a perfect example of photography and editorial working in tandem to make something truly interesting. You have a wide mix of shots in different styles yet they all live in a close point of view, either of the food or of the cook. It feels much shorter than the 1 minute 10 second runtime and almost requires multiple viewings. Enjoy.

Hanes makes me fear children, even more

This is a downright hilarious new commercial from Hanes. It seems Cronenberg’s Brood wants us to use recycled goods.

Heineken Opens Doors

I saw the 30 second cut of this the other morning in the gym and totally fell for it. Not only has the song haunted me since I heard it but the 1:30 cut has so much more detail. It is quirky as hell and has some great scene transitions. I want to be this guy.

So you’re an Editor?

This video says so much. Very very funny.