When the company I started at transitioned into high definition acquisition, due to our purposes the XDCAM format was the only solution. We certainly looked into some of the P2 cameras, but there was not a trustworthy or economic way of archiving the raw footage then. See our primary client was a large aerospace company that, in addition to full productions, needed plenty of events and processes solely documented. This massive amount of raw footage may or may not be used down the road, but it had to be there just in case. We had a warehouse full of old media captured for them over the years; Betacam, D2, One inch, film, you name it we had it stored there. Well, in the new HD era then, and even more so today, the majority of capture is tapeless. We couldn’t rely on hard drives or use the extremely expensive P2 cards as an archival medium, so we went with the full size Sony PDW-F355 camera that shoots to 23 Gb and 50 Gb Professional Discs. These discs are about the same cost as the 40 min digibeta tapes we were accustomed to shooting with and you could pull them out More >